Requirements for Maintaining Instructor Registration

Applicants are evaluated by IAR Accredited Certification Bodies
All Instructors that form part of the IAR registry shall periodically requalify. The period between initial registration and
requalification shall not exceed three years. Each applicant for requalification shall obtain a Cerificate from an IAR Accredited
Certification body attesting to the realization ongoing training courses and details of professional development undertaken,
during the above-mentioned period.

Senior Instructor
For each year of the re-qualification period, instructors shall submit documentary evidence either of having performed a
minimum of 4 courses for the standard or methodology registered for.

Continual Professional Development
The instructor shall, in each year of the re-qualification period, undertake at least 15 hours of appropriate continuing
professional development. Evidence of that professional development, verified by an IAR Accredited Certification Body, shall
be submitted as part of the application for requalification.

The professional development records shall show the duration and type of activity undertaken and details of the provider.
In the selection of appropriate professional development, instructors should consider their personal strengths and
weaknesses and identify areas for personal improvement.

Further guidance on professional development can be obtained from the certification body.
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