Applicants are evaluated by IAR Accredited Certification Bodies
Registration Grades and Competence Requirements for Auditors
Assistant Auditor
Lead Auditor

Successful completion of an
approved auditor course, certifying at
least a total of 24 hours of training.

Option 1 - Five (5) years of work
experience (or part-time equivalent) in a
technical, professional or management
position that involves the exercise of
judgment, problem solving and
communication with other managerial or
professional personnel, peers and

Option 2 - Four (4) years of work
experience if the person has attained a
4 year degree from an Accredited

At least two (2) of the above years shall
be of specialized experience in the
technical discipline (Quality
Management, Environmental
Management, etc.)

Applicants, as a minimum, shall have
completed secondary education.

Note: Secondary education is that part of
the national education system that
comes after the primary or elementary
stage, and is immediately prior to
entrance to university or similar
educational institution. In all cases,
documentary evidence of the education
claimed will be required.

1. Assistant Auditor Requirements

2. Participate in 4 audits, 10 days
on-site, 20 days total (includes planning
and report writing) as an Assistant
Auditor (or Auditor in Training). The
audits shall be complete audits of the
management system standard being
assessed and must cover all aspects of
ISO 19011.

1. Auditor Requirements

2. Successful completion of an approved
Lead Auditor course, certifying at least a
total of 40 hours of training.

3. Participate in 3 additional audits as a
Lead Auditor-In-Training, for 10 days
on-site, 15 days total (includes planning
and report writing)
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