Apply for Accreditation
General Procedure for Accreditation
  1. The interested organization reviews the published accreditation fees and requests a specific quote based on the
    programs of interest.

  1. IAR requests more detailed information about the organization and the programs that it wishes to accredit.

  1. IAR then issues a quotation based on the scope of the program that the organization wants to accredit.

  1. The organization submits to IAR an "Application" along with their Quality Manual, their service delivery procedures and
    pays the corresponding application fees for the program to be considered for accreditation.

  1. IAR's Administration evaluates the documentation submitted in order to verify that it addresses the requirements of the
    standards that apply to the program and requests corrective action as necessary.

  1. IAR schedules a visit to the facilities of the organization in order to evaluate its management system and to verify that
    their activities conform to the procedures and other criteria that apply to the program and requests corrective action as

  1. IAR schedules a visit to witness the delivery of a service related to the program to be accredited and requests corrective
    action, as necessary. (For laboratories and personnel certification bodies these activities are carried out along with the
    previous step)

  1. IAR evaluates the corrective actions taken by the organization. If everything is found to be in conformance, the approved
    disciplines are assigned and IAR offers the Accreditation to the organization for a period of 3 years, subject to annual

  1. Within the 3-year accreditation period, two evaluations are coordinated where both the management system is
    evaluated at the office and the services are witnessed. These are realized on the anniversary of the initial accreditation.   

  1. 90 days prior to the maturity of the certificate of accreditation, the organization applies for re-accreditation process is
    continued as of step 4 of this procedure.

General Procedure for Accreditation • Version B • September 26, 2007